Pinnacle dives

There are several notable dive sites close to the island including some which could easily be included in the top 5 sites within the Maldives.

Kudarah Thila
Broken Rock
5 Rocks


Reef Dives

The reefs of South Ari atoll are famous for abundant fish life as well as exceptional coral coverage with chances of spotting marine megafauna in almost all dives.

Dhigurah island’s outer reef is part of the biggest marine protected area in the Maldives. One that was established in 2009 for the abundance of whale sharks and manta rays. This protected area cover the whole outer reef of the atoll starting from Dhigurah in the NE to Rangali Island in the SW.

For lucky divers, there’s always a chance of encountering a whale shark on a dive.

Cleaning station

Cleaning stations are essential of the wellbeing of Manta rays as they act in a similar way as that of dentists to humans. They make regular visits to these cleaning stations in order to get themselves cleaned from the parasites that collect during their travels.

These dives are done in a way to meet conditions that would enable a good chance of watching the mantas in and around the cleaning stations while they get themselves cleaned. Divers remain still around the station and watch the mantas glide and dance over their heads.

Wreck dives

The shipwrecks around the area are a must for patient divers who enjoy critter spotting. These wrecks are scattered with nudibranch, flatworms and various shrimp as well as stonefish and the occasional frogfish.

Apart from this, there’s also a good chance of seeing pelagic fish such as barracudas, jacks, dogtooth tuna and big schools of fusiliers.